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Within our active R&D we engineer novel systems and standards to solve inherent issues and eliminate cost centers, which arise during the standard shipping process.

Our platform is bringing efficiency to our customer’s operations as they monitor thousands of daily movements in loading and unloading of shipping containers during both the import & export cycles.

One aspect of our business is developing near real-time solutions, which affords all shipping related parties access and tracking with active alerting and notifications from a unified cloud-based dashboard environment.

Our purpose is to bring enhanced levels of operational efficiency and eliminate costs which can arise in freight.

By partnering with Blockfreight our customers save valuable time and eliminate addressable operating costs.

If you are looking to secure and enhanced profit retention and reducing cost within your service offering, why not get in touch with us today.

We readily acknowledge this is a competitive market and Blockfreight is working with more and more freight and logistics customers everyday to challenge some of the traditional thinking in the space.

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